Welcome to Translate me!

Getting started…

what we do?

We do Documents Translations [English – Portuguese – Italian] powered by humans. We don’t use machine learning to do our translations jobs and never will. Humans will do the hard work for money [ask us how to start a business in the translation word]. Finally, do your signup and start work with us for a safe, easy way to do your translation signup now.

what we do:

We do translate:

  • Translate Portuguese to English
  • Translate Italian to Portuguese
  • Translate Italian to English
How we do:

You upload your document on our translation platform, one of our professional translator will engage with your document, do the translation and return it to you.

Translate now:

1- signup now

2- Create you document metadata

3- Choose your origin document language

4- Choose your translation language

Translate to Italian
Translate to English
Translate to English
Translate to Portugues
Translate to Portuguese

5- Upload your document

6- We translate it and upload once done

7- We post to your a hard copy to your address

8- The workflow send you a email and done

9- Easy, fast, SAFE and reliable.

How to start making money translating with us?

Get in touch to know more about how to get start with a translation business with us.

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