About us

Who are we?

Translate-me.co.uk (Translate-me) online translation platform was developed to help consumers find and hire expert translators to all occasions and needs. The company aims to built up a database of translators to cover global translation needs. More recently, it has expanded its offerings to include other government, company, etc. Translate-me online translation system takes advantage of the Internet’s ability to organise and connect the fragmented marketplace of customers and translators into a searchable database that is consumer-focused, and easy-to-use. Translate-me is an owner-managed company. The person who started the site is its founder, Valter Schmaltz. Recently he brought Fabiano Dias, Valter Schmaltz JR and Vitor Schmaltz onto the Board of Directors. All four of these gentlemen have extensive experience in Web development, business management/development, Information Security and financial management.